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Meet Jamey

Retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel combat veteran, a small business owner, and dedicated community volunteer

Jamey is running for Dana Point City Council District 3 to represent all residents with experienced, open-minded, results-based leadership.  He and his wife Alexis feel lucky to be able to call Dana Point home since 2013.  As a small business owner he has invested in Dana Point and is dedicated to improving the community.  In his spare time, Jamey is a member of the Dana Point Yacht Club, loves spending time at the beach, and is a classic car and motorcycle enthusiast.

Jamey will work for ONE DANA POINT, focused on public safety, quality of life, fiscal responsibility, and maintaining the character of our city.  He spent his entire adult life overcoming difficult challenges while making life and death decisions in the most grueling conditions.  He understands the value of communication and teamwork and he knows what it means to serve.  Like he did as a Marine, he will serve with selflessness, integrity, and transparency.

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Jamey and Alexis Federico
Jamey Federico retired Lieutenant Colonel

Military Service

Served over 21 years as a decorated Lieutenant Colonel

Jamey retired from the Marine Corps as a Lieutenant Colonel in November 2017.  He served over 21 years as an Infantry Officer and a Cobra attack helicopter pilot, including two tours in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan.  Completed over 1000 combat missions providing close air support and armed reconnaissance for Marines and our allies in places like Ramadi, Fallujah, Al Qaim, Baghdad, Marjah, and the Helmand River Valley.  As the commanding officer of Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369, he was responsible for the well-being of over 400 Marines and 27 combat helicopters valued at over $500M.  As the Executive Officer for Marine Aircraft Group 39  he commanded over 4000 Marines, 120 aircraft, and an operating budget greater than $100M.

Jamey also served as an embedded advisor to an Afghan general.  Along with only 12 other Marines, he lived, planned, and operated alongside the 6th Zone Afghan Border Police Brigade in an effort to help guide them to self-sufficiency over a 12 month period.  That Afghan brigade fought fiercely against the Taliban in the heart of opium country.  Jamey synchronized the efforts of a large number of governmental agencies, coalition forces and non-governmental organizations to improve the security situation in southern Afghanistan and was recognized by the US Ambassador to Afghanistan for his contributions to US diplomatic efforts.

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Community Service

Giving back through VFW fundraisers, Marine support, and disaster relief efforts.

Jamey devotes as much time as possible to local and national community service groups:

Life Member of Dana Point VFW Post 9934:  Jamey has been washing cars at VFW fundraisers since 2008 and he volunteers at the VFW food booth at the Concerts in the Park.  When he was still on active duty, Jamey was invited by the VFW to serve as the guest speaker at their 2016 Veterans Day observance at Strand Vista Park and at their 2017 Memorial Day Observance at Pines Park.

Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group, volunteer

Team Rubicon: Jamey is a FEMA-certified disaster relief responder with Team Rubicon, an international disaster response nonprofit that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly provide relief to communities in need.  Jamey deployed to Houston, Texas in October 2017 for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Marine Corps Aviation Association, Camp Pendleton Chapter Board of Directors

Jamey and his wife, Alexis, are animal adoption advocates and have three rescued pet rabbits           

Jamey volunteering at the VFW fundraiser

On the issues

Public Safety

Supporting neighborhood watch programs and police service improvements

Public safety is our #1 priority in Dana Point, it protects our quality of life.  My service as a Marine, my relationship with County and neighboring city elected officials, my volunteer work with Team Rubicon, and my extensive interface with our Dana Point Sheriffs give me a keen understanding of the policies and oversight needed to ensure our safety and security.   I strongly believe  in our neighborhood watch program and will work to support this in District 3 and throughout Dana Point.  I will work to ensure we get the best value possible for our contract.

Quality of Life

Improving community activities and decreasing vagrancy

My wife and I are lucky to call Dana Point home.  Dana Point has so much to offer: wonderful clean beaches, surfing, amazing parks, Fourth of July fireworks, Summer Series Concerts, and our Dana Point Symphony.  We have well maintained roads, infrastructure, and first-rate city services.  I will strive to keep these first class amenities for all of us to enjoy.  I will also address head-on the difficult challenges of homelessness, vagrancy, and residential treatment facilities.  I will work for the right balance of revitalization in the Lantern District and Doheny Village that maintains our unique beach town character and heritage while ensuring our prosperity. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Working toward balanced budgets and value based investments

As a senior Marine Officer, I was responsible for the well-being of thousands of Marines, aircraft and equipment valued at over $500 million dollars, and annual operating budgets over $100 million dollars.  Municipal and military spending are similar:  there is no dividend or bottom line profit for shareholders.  Fiscal success is measured through balanced budgets and quality of life for residents.  My goal in working with my fellow Council Members is to get as much value as possible for every dollar, while at the same time managing the City’s financial reserves.


Open, effective communication and no backdoor deals

I learned in the Marines that leaders must explain “the why” behind a decision anytime they have the opportunity.  I will be independent, I will listen to all residents, and I will always be prepared to explain Council decisions.  My cell phone is (949) 391-5860.  Please call me if you’d like to share ideas.

Working Together

Every community member deserves a voice

I believe our City and each District must work together to promote mutual benefit for all residents.  Like I did in the Marines, I will serve selflessly as a team player.  I’ll be an advocate for ONE DANA POINT and I will serve with integrity to put the best interests of our City and our residents above all else.

Endorsed by Lisa Bartlett

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